Athena’s Robotastic Birthday Party

By: Ann

Hello everyone!

Just when you thought that we’ve given up on our website, we’re back, yet again, for a sporadic update to our lives. Nothing really happens with us unless it involves Athena anyway.

Our girl just turned 3 on November 22. Since we were traveling (we literally took the red-eye on her birthday) around Thanksgiving, we decided to give ourselves a little time after we returned to plan her party. This is the first toddler party that we have ever hosted. We didn’t want to hype it up around Athena, because we knew that she would be a bear to handle closer and closer to the date; however, when all of her friends started showing up, she was like a tiny tornado.

One of her friends from the Little Gym was the first to arrive. I’m glad Athena and Marta got some one on one time together, because Marta is pretty shy. Athena spent the the first 15 minutes of the party entertaining Marta with her silly 3D glasses and gestures as I was madly racing against time to put out all of the food and drinks.

Silly Athena

Silly Athena

Athena and Marta

Nuts & Bolts & Fuel

More friends started arriving and the fun continued with good eats, good conversation, and fun games.

Neighborhood buds: Athena, Lucia, and Torben

Making robot photo frames

Addie rockin' her 3D glasses

Pin the battery on the robot!

Not just for the kids!

Play time before pizza

I made a flourless chocolate birthday cake for the head, body, and arms.   The legs are made out of apple banana oat bran muffins (or cupcakes, as Athena likes to call them).  I cannot take total credit for the recipes. My neighbor Teela gave me the recipe for the cake and my sister-in-law Julie gave me the recipe for the muffins.  These are Athena’s favorite muffins that I make.  Both turned out super yummy.

Robot birthday cake made from scratch!

Apparently, Athena only likes blowing out the birthday cake when it is inappropriate.  I had to trick her into “helping me”  blow out her own cake.

Blowing out the candles

I think Athena bit into every single piece of robot leg, leaving none for our guests.  Note the blue gel on her face.  She looks like she is having a blue nosebleed.  Also, note the sprinkles.  This picture was taken after I had removed many sprinkles from her plate after she had purposefully dumped the whole bottle on her muffins.  I know, I know.  It’s her birthday party, but we had to have some sprinkles left for the next activity which was robot cookie decorating.


Robot cookie decorating with our friend Luke

We finished the party with robot cookie decorating.  It was a great party.  I’m glad we decided to go this route instead of doing something outside of the home.  It was a lot of work, but it was totally worth it to see my Athena so lit up and happy over having a whole bunch of friends over during her robot party.

Now I can take a short break and breath.   I have to prepare myself for the mad dash of Christmas shopping.  Wish me luck.

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