Athena’s First Time Swimming

By: Ann

Things have been going okay over here in California.  Jason is still plugging away at Google and it’s pretty busy with back to school season at the clinic for me. Athena has been active as ever, forcing us to get rid of our playpen that we had for her.  She actually climbed over it a couple of days ago all on her own.  Thankfully, she climbed on the side that there were a bunch of cabinets.  Now we have taken apart the playpen and just use it to block off trouble areas (wires, bookshelves, computer area, etc.).  We’re pretty much done for when she learns how to walk, which will be any day now because she has been cruising all over the place for over a month now and is getting better at standing on her own.

We had a few hot days last week and decided to take a dip in our pool with Athena.  The pool was a little chilly due to it getting so cold here at night, but we decided to give it a try anyway since she seems to enjoy the cool weather of San Francisco.


After testing out the water, we decided to go full throttle since she seemed to be enjoying herself so much in the water.


She really enjoyed being dipped and twirled in the pool.  I’ve never heard her squeal in delight this loud.  It was great.  She looks a little pale/blue because I piled on the sunscreen a little too much.


Here’s me wiping off some of the sunscreen…sporting my NDA After Prom t-shirt.


Look at her.  She’s a natural.  She’s just like a fish in the water…fortunately, unlike her mommy.  I really do need to get over my fear of water and learn how to swim.


We are going to Yosemite next weekend for some light camping and hiking.  It should be fun.  I’m a little scared about her waking people up in the middle of the night for her bottles and such since we are going with some of Jason’s coworkers.  More to come.  Let’s hope for the best!

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