Visit from Aunt Linda, Santa Cruz and San Francisco

By Jason

We’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but we’ve been pretty busy lately. Athena is now standing and can walk if she has something to hold on to, so we spend most of our time just trying to keep up with her.

Three weeks ago my Aunt Linda came to visit and see Athena.

One of Athena’s new favorite passtimes is swinging on the swingset. She’s still too little to fit i the toddler swing so we just holder her on our laps.


Here’s an earlier photo on the swings with me:


We drove down to Santa Cruz to see the beach. The boardwalk there is a historic amusement park, and though we didn’t really do any rides we had fun walking around. Athena is a big fan of noise, movement, and color so she had a great time, missing a couple naps. We paid for the missed naps later.


Here we are walking down toward the water – the water is always pretty cold in Northern California, so we didn’t plan on doing any swimming. Despite being covered in seaweed the beach was still pretty busy.


Playing on the beach blanket:


Ann took a rest on the blanket and Athena thought it would be fun to crawl on top of her:


The next day we met up with my cousin Kurt to wander around San Francisco. We had lunch at Piazza Pellegrini in the North Beach neighborhood, near Kurt’s place.



After walking down to Fisherman’s Wharf we took the duck tour around the city. We took a similar tour in Boston a while back – it’s a WWII-era amphibious vehicle that takes you through the streets and into the bay.


Aunt Linda even got to drive the boat:


Later she and Kurt helped get the rest of the tourists dancing:


We ended our day with a wine tasting session, and took some photos using my patented “happiest day of your life” method (it really works).



Aunt Linda also gave Ann and I some time to go out, just the two of us. We picked out the most romantic, adults-only evening we could think of: dinner at Dennys and a round of miniature golf.

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