If you’re wondering what I do at work…

By Jason

I probably shouldn’t post this – my brother is already convinced that all we do at Google is eat all day.  On Thursday my team had an offsite at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which is a pretty cool old-timey amusement park.  We made a stop there a few months ago with Ryan and Jessi but everything was closed at the time.

In a sense it was bad timing, since I have been very busy at work lately and could have used the hours to do something productive…  on the other hand, it was probably good timing to get a break and have some fun with co-workers.

Here’s a video of our ride on the Giant Dipper, an old wooden roller coaster:

Link to video. Special thanks to Reid for recording and posting it.

We promise to write more about the baby shower soon. In the mean time, I’ve been uploading old papers and notes on my professional blog, so feel free to poke around the archives and see what I was thinking about as long as ten years ago. I’m considering putting up some interesting old emails here as well, like from my first days at college or the trip with Todd and Martin to Argentina.

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